Here my shallow (bowl holds rainbow colors of gold. Let these) halls be sails, to make the world come to our hey (abundant greetings we say). Golden dreams find our waves, to cleanse the souls who are aware. We bless the sacred nine in thee, the house that stands for liberty. And if we can we bless the walls, the floor and ceiling and all knick knacks and doors, the dreams and hopes of everyone, come find a reason to have some fun. Blessings, dancing, smiles abound, to this house, to have treasures sound!

Photos by Laughing Matriarch, our Rainbow Mother!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rolling Thunder Rainbow Mother Laughing Matriarch Shines

Hear me calling. I want to bee, the thunder rolling inside of me. Can't you feel it, where songs do sing, the place within, that hangs up the phone (because you have come home). I am reaching into this cup, to know if treasures will be filled up. And I am leaning in the wind, to feel your distance come home to swim (blue road of the heart). I am looking for a brand new day. I am binding all souls to play. Then it's time to be a new divine. Where our hearts do always shine. Can you feel the love that bursts from you. Can your feel the laughter too. Can you feel the world of doves, when we gather, like we should. When we gather, like a hood (sky's embrace with a smile).

Heaven is calling my knees are bent. Heaven is calling me to lent (awakening, rise up). Heaven is calling me to give a shout, because my cup is poureth out. I need to guide the world below. Such are children who do fall. and when they need a hand to reach, I will be there, just to keep, my heart closer, than afar.

When it's morning, I do rise.  I am up to touch the sky. There our love flows in the wind, if we listen and begin. If we listen and begin. Listen to your Mother, bow down pray.
Listen to your Mother and obey. Listen to your Mother and you will see, the heart of heaven lives in me. For I do love you eternally. Now it's up to you now, to purify.
It's up to you now, to show you hi. It's up to you now, to begin a new life. It's up to you now to give up strife. 

Bless with me and lean on love. (drum begins) And our hearts can feel this love. And we give in just like gloves. the hands of nourishment for all of gods' world. We are the heaven a heart that stirs. We are the souls within, flight that endures. Endure with me, this day, bow down and pray. Give your heart a magical call, i'ts time to fall. Rainbows are bridges, to heaven and below. I am your bridgeway to find heaven knows (wisdom). And I  will be forever, in your heart I will speak. Keep inside of heaven, you are my keep sake treat. Happiness befall you, to know the quick and tall. Mountains that are humble, that know how to fall. If a mere rock in silence can crash and know it's name, we too can be crystalline, the heart that is true.

Come my children walk with me, plan a heart of destiny We are lifted up this day, to find a hooray. We are lifted up this day, to land on mountain tops, to see across a crowded plain. To find you have a name. gifts fall down from heaven, the winds carry you home. I am here forever, to carry you inside this real. I will empty my space, to gift you eternity. I am your Laughing Mother who always shines for thee.  I am your Laughing Mother to show joy in tears.  Come now feel love and be near.

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman and Drum by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star for the Heart of Rainbow Mother Laughing Matriarch.

White Buffalo Calf Woman says, "Wonderful song. I am glad you are feeling better today.  Butt, always more rolling hills, rightful waves. (ha, spank that bottom, rolling hills). Let a cry out."

Rainbow Mother Laughing Matriarch says, "Yes thanks...lol"

White Buffalo Calf Woman says, "How funny."

Rainbow Mother Laughing Matriarch says, "Oh this up and down...up and down."

White Buffalo Calf Woman says, "I love you".

Rainbow Mother Laughing Matriarch says, "Aaaaahhhh".

White Buffalo Calf Woman cries out in laughter.

Rainbow Mother Laughing Matriarch says, "Love you more!!!"

White Buffalo Calf Woman says, Holiness David is sending love. Aho sweet dreams.

Rainbow Mother Laughing Matriarch says, "Mwah to him (throwing a kiss). Byeee!"

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Laughing Matriarch (Rainbow Mother of all Mothers) comes to shine, upon the heart of a dime (circle embraced by calling home), we the children learn on time.  There is music in her words, when you treat her like you should. And a big laughter will come your way, to learn how to really play. Lift up the sounds of love, to bring us nearer than above, (a sky, higher into heaven we know why).

Lean on the portal of the sun (brotherhood), that we need the point of doves, gather my children and learn to run, over rolling hills and into the sun. Gift your heart this day, because it's always a way to play. And if we need a home all we got to do is phone (prayers in the wind). Mother of all Mothers sing, to bring in the heart of the wind. And we are to learn to find a place, where we can be an open face. Shame and lame do not belong, because each has it's song (perfection in all songs).  Keep a hanger (stuck on the ground, spirit not in flight, yet a safe place to land) you need within, the place we think we need to sin (behind closed doors). But if you learn to bow and pray, it's perfect magic in a day, bless bless, a place in time, we go heaven (blue road) inside this time. Spirit flies into the world, upon the shore to open doors (into each others hearts, a safe place within the true blue).

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