Here my shallow (bowl holds rainbow colors of gold. Let these) halls be sails, to make the world come to our hey (abundant greetings we say). Golden dreams find our waves, to cleanse the souls who are aware. We bless the sacred nine in thee, the house that stands for liberty. And if we can we bless the walls, the floor and ceiling and all knick knacks and doors, the dreams and hopes of everyone, come find a reason to have some fun. Blessings, dancing, smiles abound, to this house, to have treasures sound!

Photos by Laughing Matriarch, our Rainbow Mother!

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Endless Pearls, our Mother Divine, Laughing Matriarch Shines!

Hello Laughing Matriarch,Thank you for your words, I hope the winds felt their flow also. :)  I will be praying for you, although I
I feel, this you already knew. It makes me smile just to talk to you.  Hear's a little song for you. I do, I dew, I love you two! ~ I pray for you and I feel it too. All the things that you go and have, gone through (in at one end, out at the other). 

I pray we all stay (stem of ester "to stay or stand"):D (big smile) together and bee divine to find the tether (the utmost length to which one can go in action; the utmost extent or limit of ability or resources), and I pray we cling to each other and grope onto the stem of the vine. The endless, endless, sands of time. I pray for you, yours and mine. Those equal ours, there is no line that crosses or divides us, there is no time. Except what we perceive, unwind. Let it flow, be the twine. The ignorant, the grass will find. So don't you worry over the shrine. Your love is beautiful, your love is mine(and ours is yours) and we all dew shine.

Like endless pearls, our Mother Divine. She holds the key in her hands of time. She makes it stop, go or whined (wind, like winding the clock). She holds the things you seek to find. Your beautiful love, well it doth (does) shine, like a dove, out on the line. I pray you feel our smiles all times. Especially when you're down, I pray for you a speedy turn around. For your smile is endless, forever bound and forever binding, let's go to town. Our hearts together and our family two. The vines (purple plants) are me, the lines (the intersection of two planes) are you, we dip and dive, we sea it through to see the truth for all to view. And these (We) are strengthening beyond surmise. So let the Sun set and rise, on this beautiful day, on this beautiful night. And I pray we may be our Glory's eyes, the sweet surrender, the fiery skies. (The me in you, the you in mine) 

Laughing Matriarch, you're beautifully wise and such a sweet, pleasant surprise. I think i've just seen the light. It is a laughing sound (cloud) of delight. I think
I may, I think I might. Listen to your soul tonight. Your beautiful love, your beautiful flight, brings me(us, we, all) such sweet delight. I'll dream a dream for you tonight, lovely prayers, for lovely rites. Say your prayers with me(us, we, all) tonight. Sow we may all giggle with delight. Laughing Matriarch, you shine so bright. I bow and bless the stars and the lights. I bless the nine sacred directions, I bless myself, I bless the world. I dance with you on heaven's floor. Knock knock, four times and open the door. Directions of love, like never before. Twisting, twirling, Rainbows galore! From sea to sea, from shore to shore. Never last, never more. Aho I bow and kiss the fore head of me, mine and yours. Let us shine, like never before. I sing this song, but aho, it's yours.~

Love and Blessings all the ways, learning to walk these sacred days.
Thunder Woman your Princess of Dawning
violet child, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Pray With Elders around the World

Laughing Matriarch (Rainbow Mother of all Mothers) comes to shine, upon the heart of a dime (circle embraced by calling home), we the children learn on time. There is music in her words, when you treat her like you should. And a big laughter will come your way, to learn how to really play. Lift up the sounds of love, to bring us nearer than above, (a sky, higher into heaven we know why). Lean on the portal of the sun (brotherhood), that we need the point of doves, gather my children and learn to run, over rolling hills and into the sun. Gift your heart this day, because it's always a way to play. And if we need a home all we got to do is phone (prayers in the wind). Mother of all Mothers sing, to bring in the heart of the wind. And we are to learn to find a place, where we can be an open face. Shame and lame do not belong, because each has it's song (perfection in all songs). Keep a hanger (stuck on the ground, spirit not in flight, yet a safe place to land) you need within, the place we think we need to sin (behind closed doors). But if you learn to bow and pray, it's perfect magic in a day, bless bless, a place in time, we go heaven (blue road) inside this time. Spirit flies into the world, upon the shore to open doors (into each others hearts, a safe place within the true blue).

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