Here my shallow (bowl holds rainbow colors of gold. Let these) halls be sails, to make the world come to our hey (abundant greetings we say). Golden dreams find our waves, to cleanse the souls who are aware. We bless the sacred nine in thee, the house that stands for liberty. And if we can we bless the walls, the floor and ceiling and all knick knacks and doors, the dreams and hopes of everyone, come find a reason to have some fun. Blessings, dancing, smiles abound, to this house, to have treasures sound!

Photos by Laughing Matriarch, our Rainbow Mother!

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Freedom Flows When We Learn to Grow!

Laughing Matriarch says, "You love singing don't you?"

White Buffalo Calf Woman says, "I gift the prayer songs, it's my job to show you your heart. To help you find your Greatness. I sing, because the crystal child sings to bring peace to the world."

Laughing Matriarch says, "Wish I could do the same." (We all want the gifts others have, often not recognizing the gifts we hold close to our own hearts. We need each other and the gifts we hold for each other, for we are the presents/presence we give-a-way, the heart always seems to know what to say. Sharing gifts makes it all worthwhile. Rainbow Mother Laughing Matriarch holds us near her heart each day, making sure the children learn to play and pray!)

White Buffalo Calf Woman says, "Trust yourself, you know more than you can conceive, when you remember the leaves (tree of life, and each other as relatives, in other words, we need each other).

Rainbow Mother Laughing Matriarch's Sacred Song Blessing

There is a song in the hill top (inside the wave of rainbow colors lies your heart, my children who arc/ark or sail away over the rainbow waves). I know it's a place I should bee (dreaming impossible dreams). I wonder if the sun will come out this day, because I want the world to know their waves (rainbow colors streams together). When others are finding me to shine upon (needing my love), the soul must be here to grind a song (dreaming of the song, I must trust my inner knowledge), to heal the heart, to make it a dart (aiming for their heart), to aim for the perfect part (love blossoms and blooms). If only I could be the setting sun (where the blue road lives, the darkness of heaven my heart responds), where whispers (winds) are the way to make the rungs (stepping up or standing on a hill or wave of rainbow color, to my evolutionary soul, the journey). The place we find we must rely upon (the blue road of heaven, true blue, my soul knows). I know the waves (rainbow colors) are true, when I feel the love from you. My heart is willing to shine again, it's soon, the blooming of the ever living gun (blow it away, the impure of the day/daze, there stands the perfect soul, all exposed, love lives there). If only I could be here to shine upon (you). Then I would be the one who has the grind upon (sowing, planting the seeds of love), the soil that I know (Mother Earth), the Mother who holds the gold (all the treasures). I will step to the beat of my heart (how sweet it is).

Where everything is going, I will be there too/two/united. My song will be the shining of the waves again (rainbow colors in bloom again). And I will shine upon the great and open sun (radiating soul expounds, shining out to find my way/waves), the willing heart that knows the waves of true (blue). Gain hope and help me gift an open hand (share the embracing, the tasting of love who gifts). I know the waves of love have gone awry again (fighting over who is right or wrong). But if I trust in you, my heart will go zoom, because I will fly to you anywhere under the sun (heaven has begun, the garden is in bloom). And if I had to give it all up again (each lifetime I share with you, my love is always true), then I would ten fold (aqua sky bow down to know wise/why) know the great gun again (blow it away with purification, the impure of the day/daze, there stands the perfect soul, all exposed again, love lives here), to purify your heart, to know the greatness is full, I have ached with the dart (those stabbing you with pain, aiming for your heart, I will hold you near, to help protect your arc/bowing/trowing/pondering, share my heart). I will be pleased to know the great quandary (time to make a choice) of the foundation once more (where I stand, I make a Man/kind). The place I lie my head down to find the fall (I dream of the great bowing arc of the rainbow clan, my children who find the winds). The bowing aching heart (I feel for you, the great view), I know I must do/dew my part (Rainbow Mother's heart), the waves of time that sets us chime (freedom and brotherhood), once again.

If only others could find love within (your heart). Then we would not have to live with sow much sin. But hearts are meant to ache (lessons lead to treasures), to lead us to the stakes (tree pole, love rolls and bows, best of all dancing around the center or tree pole, Grandmother dreamspace holds us near to each other, we share), the places we must post our heart to the winds (allow it to radiate a field of love that is really real). WE gain on love that's the bowing arc (rainbow's humbleness). The place my heart leans (towards you as you need me), I know it's a stabbing part (feeling your pain, rainbow clan, my children I feel your heart). But if I begin my prize (treasures are known again), the momentum I do glide (set free once more), then I will sail right through you and near your heart (inside your rainbow colors, the holy ark, the sailing of my soul within the buffalo robe/holy temple made from four rainbow colors, to set you free, to believe). That's my part. We could be true, the waves of destiny within (each limb on the tree of life, holding on to each other or the leaves representing the relatives that blow in the wind). The shining of love that brings me out of sin (purification begins, when I remember to sing/pray/purify the day/say). I want you to know, how great indeed it shows, the love you gift to me, really flows. I am golden toes (brotherhood walks true in my flue, or where the stream flows).

There in a time, when all the battles are won again (heavenly beams, virtuous needs). I will be true to make the heart a muse again (smiles will win/d). Then laughs will fill the world, turned upside down frowns fulfilled, my love will make your heart aglow again. Just watch out sin (I will purify you again). And here we go, down below from heaven's wait (upon the garden of paradise, my soul must learn to bloom, raining rainbows, the holy arc knows, the humble grows in wisdom and fame). The gate did open and now I sea again (paradise awaits for me). If only I could view, the perfect loving hues (rainbow clan and it's children), then all of us could find a way to survive (together again), not just in lies (falsity). But here I stand to know my heart demands again, because love wins over sin just this time it seems (it begins), but each day I know, it continues to snow, the place my heart is living heel/heal to toe/tow (heel to toe, where I walk and heal to tow, where I hold my children of the rainbow, their talk with an embracing). For God (each other, all of us together, the clan) is here to hold our hands each day. I know I must dew (cling to) my part to stand this day. And when the lights are out (dreaming and visions), my song will know how to impart (share wisdom from my eternal soul), my living raging freedom of the wiles (laughing out loud, play time like a child), just let us all smile.

For if we go around thinking we are free again, without thinking of the enemy (all are part of the Rainbow Clan) I sing, then how will we be clear (sea and envision), without these battlefields (lessons teach us our hearts know, we bow to the sacred rainbow), for love will aim for the heart and always win, because love grooms (petting, touching our tests) and grows (our hearts gain and are fulfilled). I know the whisper will carry through (wind). My song will show the world, I have a view (vision for my children of the rainbow). But in your darkest hour (lesson needs to find your soul, awaken child grow within, let the inner light grin), my love will shower and shower, you with raining love (sweet flowers shine, flower petals bind), rainbows will shine (illuminate across the land). My heart is blind (blinding or sow very bright). I will bow down to hold all your smiles (Rainbow Mother holds all the children on the rainbow, with her arching, our Laughing Matriarch).

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings and Interprets the heart of Laughing Matriarch.

White Buffalo Calf Woman says, "Great song, Laughing Matriarch, my Rainbow Mother, I bow down. Good night and smiles all around. Aho, making music abound."

Laughing Matriarch says, "Cool. Thank you. Always a kind heart you are!"

White Buffalo Calf Woman says, "Sweet dreams, remember I sing your heart. Aho over the  rainbow!"

Laughing Matriarch says, "Bye, kisses all around xxx".

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Laughing Matriarch (Rainbow Mother of all Mothers) comes to shine, upon the heart of a dime (circle embraced by calling home), we the children learn on time. There is music in her words, when you treat her like you should. And a big laughter will come your way, to learn how to really play. Lift up the sounds of love, to bring us nearer than above, (a sky, higher into heaven we know why). Lean on the portal of the sun (brotherhood), that we need the point of doves, gather my children and learn to run, over rolling hills and into the sun. Gift your heart this day, because it's always a way to play. And if we need a home all we got to do is phone (prayers in the wind). Mother of all Mothers sing, to bring in the heart of the wind. And we are to learn to find a place, where we can be an open face. Shame and lame do not belong, because each has it's song (perfection in all songs). Keep a hanger (stuck on the ground, spirit not in flight, yet a safe place to land) you need within, the place we think we need to sin (behind closed doors). But if you learn to bow and pray, it's perfect magic in a day, bless bless, a place in time, we go heaven (blue road) inside this time. Spirit flies into the world, upon the shore to open doors (into each others hearts, a safe place within the true blue).

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